OnlyFans Model & Twitch Streamer Selling Beer Made With Her Own Vaginal Yeast

Kaitlyn Siragusa Amouranth

Dear God…

I’m on the internet a lot, so not much surprises me anymore. It’s basically a soulless wasteland these days, with people who will do or say pretty much anything for attention.

Like selling beer made with vaginal yeast.

Wait, what?

Apparently that’s what Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model Kaitlyn Siragusa, who goes by Amouranth online, is doing.

The collaboration was announced by Polish beer company The Order of Yoni’s, which says that the beer is made from lactic acid made from bacteria from a woman’s vagina, and promotes its beer as a “sensual experience.”

“Imagine an extremely sensual image of femininity, which has often appeared in the wildest of fantasies. You are fascinated by her captivating outward appearance, her passion and coquettish movements. Admiration reaches its apogee, and the desire to satisfy the senses with its charm increases.

Reach out for a bottle filled with a golden beverage replete with female essence, give yourself up to your instincts and enjoy the intimacy of an extraordinary model. You deserve to stimulate your mind and enhance your taste sensations.

The Order of Yoni is a sensual experience in the form of a beer enclosed in a bottle, obtaining its unusual flavour notes through the use of champagne yeast, wheat malts, and exclusive additives in the form of orange peel, coriander and aframomum. The composition is enhanced with the use of lactic acid from vaginal bacteria to bring pleasure to every sip.”

What the f*ck did I just read?

The 29-year old model spoke about getting her own…flavor of beer:

“It’s hilarious. People will buy it for sure. I don’t know if they’ll actually drink it, I mean, they’ll probably drink it.”

Oh I’m sure people will drink it. Which is disgusting, but it’s where we are here in 2023.

The Houston native also says she had to do a pap smear on herself before turning over her…samples.

According to the beer’s website:

“These smears are taken to a laboratory where bacteria are isolated, cleaned, then analyzed and multiplied. At the end of the process, the bacteria are used to produce the pure lactic acid that goes into Yoni beer.”

I swear, every day we stray further and further from God.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock