Deer Gropes Lineman While Whispering Sweet Nothings Into His Ear

Deer jumps on lineman

Not sure that is how nature intended it to be… there are so many filings that could happen upon seeing this video. Workers comp, sexual harassment… child support? Is this an HR issue or should I call OSHA?

Out of all of the wild “out of this world” wildlife videos we cover here at Riff Outdoors, this one is downright funny. Two linemen were out on a job site when a whitetail buck approached them. While most interactions end with a startled deer running away back towards the woods, this buck gets startled in a different way. The buck must have loved that hard hat and attempted to mount the lineman.

A phone was immediately whipped out to film this wild encounter. The deer has his front legs fully on the back of the lineman when the video starts, and the buddy filming the buck can’t stop laughing.

The man walks a few steps, and the deer follows, ensuring it is right on top of the man. What killed me watching this whole video is that the deer is trying to lick the lineman’s ear or something. But it appears he is whispering sweet nothings into his ear. The buck is really trying to butter up this man to head to bed.

After a few minutes of the men getting a good laugh, he pushes the deer off of him, but the deer is not giving up yet. He stays slightly on his back legs like he is ready to try again.

“Oh, get gone.”

The man says, giving the deer another push away from him.

No means no, dude…

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A beer bottle on a dock