Chris Stapleton Hosts Independent Record Store Party For Early Listening Of ‘Higher’

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We are days away from the release of  Chris Stapleton’s Higher. The highly anticipated fifth studio is set for a November 10th release, but if you are itching to listen to the album sooner, there is a way you can.

Chris Stapelton has teamed up with independent record stores nationwide to hold a listening party on November 7th. That’s right, tonight you can go and listen to the album early.

“On Tuesday November 7th, fans across the country will have a chance to listen to Chris Stapleton’s new album Higher before its release on November 10th.

First 100 people will receive a complimentary limited edition poster and ability pre-order the new album. All Indie Stores will have an Exclusive Indie Vinyl edition featured in an opaque bone color. One exclusive prize available to a lucky fan attending each event.”

38 states are participating in the listening event, with multiple record stores across many of the states.

While this is not only a great way for super fans to get a head start picking their album favorites, it is also a great way to get bodies into independent record stores.

As the main form of listening these days is through streams, the value of a record has decreased tremendously.

But there is something so special about holding a physical copy of the record you love.

I know I am personally looking forward to hearing the title track, “Higher,” as Stapleton revealed during a recent interview that he wrote the song over twenty years ago. As this appears to be an album filled with songs from his vault, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks.

The feedback from the singles released so far has been outstanding, and given Stapleton has a track record of being consistent with each release, one can only think the rest will follow suit.

“I Think I’m In Love With You”

Check out all of the participating locations, and happy listening y’all.

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