Check Out This Oliver Anthony Song About Giving Your Wife’s Grandmother An STD, Called “Mammy’s Hammy”

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Is this one going to be on the new album?

Oliver Anthony (whose real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford) burst onto the scene this summer with his original song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” which has racked up 90 million views on YouTube and over 105 million streams on Spotify alone.

But it turns out that may only be Oliver Anthony’s second best song.

Back in the spring, before the success of “Rich Men North of Richmond,” Anthony debuted another new song on his TikTok. It’s one that he says he wrote because he was “tired of all new country songs being written about the same old thing.”

So he wrote one about something that’s never been written about before:

“This one’s about giving your wife’s grandma an STD.”

Wait, what?

Well sure enough that’s exactly what the song, called “Mammy’s Hammy,” is about:

“Won’t you get you a load of this
I’ve got syphilis
There’s a good chance your grandma’s got it too
Won’t you get you a load of this
I’ve got syphilis
You better tell your mammy to wash out her hammy
Or your pappy’s gonna get it too”

I feel like this one would make Wheeler Walker Jr. proud.

“If I was a stronger man
Her loving I’d deny
But you ain’t had a hummer ’til you get a gummer
And I don’t mean a four-wheel drive”

I can’t wait until they ask about this song at a presidential debate.

Anthony said recently that he would be spending January working on his debut album, and I think I speak for everybody when I respectfully request “Mammy’s Hammy” to make the tracklist.

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