After A Successful Proposal In Germany, This Chiefs Fan’s First Instinct Was To Hug The Team Mascot

Chiefs Mascot

Love was in the air in Frankfurt, Germany, and thankfully for this Kansas City Chiefs-loving guy, the love of his life said yes when he got down on one knee.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Only…after she said yes, this guy went in for a hug with…the Chiefs mascot?

I had to look up the name of said mascot, KC Wolf. Goofy-looking animal with a massive midsection. Not exactly what springs to mind when representing a “Chief.” But hey, he’s a family-friendly cuddly kinda guy, right?

I totally see why this man wanted some comfort in KC Wolf’s warm embrace after the biggest moment of his life. Even Chiefs players seem to like him.

However, if I were the lady in this situation, I’d be a little bit nonplussed. Maybe cut the guy some slack because he’s probably having an out-of-body experience in front of thousands of people. Knows this is going to be shotgunned all over the Internet. But still.

I don’t think my first instinct would be to hug the mascot here. Just me. Also? I question this man’s judgment. Not when it comes to the lady he intends to marry. But in general. Why would you rock a George Karlaftis jersey? Of all Kansas City players…him? I’m nonplussed by that decision above anything else! Karlaftis is, like, as mid as mid gets in terms of starting NFL defensive ends.

Given the options of Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, hell even Trent McDuffie or Creed Humphrey, I’d spring for any of those studs over George Karlaftis. What are we doing here, sir? Was your Mahomes/Kelce/and/or Jones jersey too dirty to rock to an international pro football game? So many questions.

Karlaftis jersey and mascot-hugging aside, once again, in all seriousness, salute to the couple. And in the end, this man proclaimed his love and made it known to as many people in the world as he could. I guess that makes up for everything else.

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