Baby Monitor Captures 104 MPH Winds Shatter Window While Mom & Her Baby Were Sleeping

Tornado through window

Many of us have experienced storms where it feels like your house is about to cave in.

For me, I’ll never forget trying to fall asleep last year in a massive winter storm, where the winds were so strong that it felt like the windows were going to shatter at any moment. Luckily they didn’t, but it felt like one more extra strong gust would’ve been enough to send a window into a million pieces.

However, this woman and her baby had to experience this terrifying encounter first hand, and it was all caught on baby monitor footage. According to ITV, this one went down in Western Europe on the Island of Jersey, as tropical Storm Ciaran was passing through the island.

In the wild footage, you can see Jessica O’Reilly sleeping alongside her three-month-old daughter Penelope. You can hear the insane 104-mph winds pressing on the glass, and finally, the glass gives way and shatters everywhere.

O’Reilly told the outlet:

“It felt like something was going to go wrong, and then the glass all came in. It was so loud. I just grabbed her and ran downstairs.

There was a lot of glass that came in, and I’m just lucky that I grabbed her when I did because there was a load of glass in her bed, on the bed, all over on the floor, all over. So we’re just lucky to be alive really.”

She also said that the whole house felt like it was going to cave at one point:

“It felt like the whole house was going to collapse in. I am a bit shocked, but just happy that we’re safe, that’s the main thing.

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like that before, where my baby was in danger, never felt anything like that before.”


Check it out:

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