Black Bear Shreds A Big Ol’ Fir Tree Looking For Food

Black bear shreds tree

Just going to town.

These bears are always up to something, and I will always be here to see what they are doing. Black bears are one of the smartest and abled creatures in North America, and while they are slightly predictable, they are smart none-the-less.

Nearly everything they do is motivated by food, and when you consider they hibernate for part of the year, they need a lot of calories to keep them fed through the long winter. Bears can consume up to 20,000 calories in a day when they are packing on fat.

One might wonder, how does a bear get that much food? The answer is by not being picky. Black bears will eat just about anything, from rotting meat, to berries and garbage. Black bears will rip apart your vehicle just from a single crumb out of a chip bag and then in the next breath, chase down a deer fawn for a more substantial meal.

They have to be smart, strong and able to get those calories. This black bear right here put on a display showing everyone what they can do and will eat to survive. He is seen absolutely shredding a fir tree to get after what is inside. He claws and bites and pulls the woods right off the tree, and then gobbles down all the bug crawling inside.

There is just nothing that these bears can’t do.

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