Kid Explains Why Yellowstone Tourists Get Too Close To Bison: “Because They’re Stupid”

Kid at Yellowstone National Park

Kid gets it… and let’s applaud his parents, clearly teaching him the right things. Sure, it seems like common sense, but there’s an awful lot of folks in these parks like Yellowstone that just don’t get it. Time and time again we see people put themselves in harm’s way with any wildlife they come across.

Bison are common ones, during certain times of the year they are plentiful and in predictable areas, on the plains grazing along.

Bison happen to be the largest animals to roam North America clocking in at a staggering 2,000 pounds in some cases. But because of their gentle nature, people think it is okay to walk right up to them or by them. If an animal that large gets spooked or threatened it can go wrong in a flash.

There’s even signs everywhere warning people of the dangers, but everyone thinks they know better. When it comes to bison, Yellowstone officials warn people to stay at least 25 years away.

This kid was shooting from the hip and telling everyone what he thought while at Yellowstone National Park with his family.

“Should we try to go see that geyser way over there?”

“No because there’s huge buffalo crossing.”

“We gotta wait for them cross.”


“Because otherwise we’ll get rammed.”

“How come all those people aren’t waiting?”

“Because they’re stupid”

No lies were told. It’s good to see there are some folks in the next generation who will still get it. We might not be doomed afterall.

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