A Fallow Deer Burling Is The Craziest Animal Sound You’ll Ever Hear

fallow deer

There’s plenty of animals out there that make cool noises.

Elephants, mountain lions, grizzly bear, elk, even coyotes have some great howling, but after seeing this video of a fallow deer, I’m ready to call the contest off and award it to this strange deer thing.

Fallows are a type of deer native to Turkey and parts of Italy, the Balkins, and the Island of Rhodes. While their native range is quite small, they have since spread throughout Europe and have a stable populations throughout the continent.

Males grow to around 200 pounds and 3 feet high at the shoulder, meaning they are short and squat creatures that feature some absolutely incredible antlers.

But for how cool looking these guys are, their looks don’t compare to their grunts.

Well, they are kind of grunts, kind of burps, and are called burls.

Honestly, it sounds like a tiger got caught inside a deer and is trying to get out. The deep rumble moves the air while an enormous Adam’s Apple goes up and down noticeably.

Truly, I have few words to describe what exactly it sounds like, but thankfully we have this incredible video of one letting some burls loose.

Seriously, am I the only one mind blown by that? I get some deer and elk and moose will do some grumbling, but I haven’t heard a thing that compares to that…

Chalk up another one in the nature never fails to impress category…

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