Security Guard Attacked By Bear In Aspen Hotel Kitchen

bear attacks man in hotel kitchen

This looks like something out of a cheap horror film.

Imagine this: You work in a kitchen at a restaurant, and you’re casually closing down, and making sure everything is turned off like you do every night.

But, you turn the corner, and next thing you know a massive BEAR slings you to the ground.

I mean, this kind of stuff just doesn’t happen, right?

Apparently I’m wrong, because this nightmare became a terrifying reality for one security guard in the kitchen of an Aspen, Colorado hotel.

According to 9 News, it all went down at the St. Regis Aspen Resort around 11 PM.

In the footage, you can see the security guard turn the corner, and all of a sudden get pushed back by the massive creature. He then tries to slowly approach the bear one more time, and this time he gets completely thrown to the ground with ease.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the guard was able to escape and call 911, but not without scratches to his chest and back.

The group says the bear was able to enter the hotel through a series of doors from the courtyard. Officers were able to locate the bear, but were unable to tranquilize and capture it due to public safety concerns.

They resumed their search at 10 PM on Tuesday, and were able to locate it near Conner Park due to the creature’s distinctive white markings on its chest, and hazed it into a tree around 2 AM.

Wildlife officers were then able to tranquilize the creature, where they were assisted by a fire truck to get the bear down from the tree.

Needless to say, I’m sure this security guard was counting his blessings after this encounter.

Check it out:

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