Florida Man Fends Off Giant Alligator With Weed Whacker While Doing Some Landscaping

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Yep, that’s a big no from me dog…

Florida will forever be a wild place. Not only are its people (for the most part) out of their minds, but the range of wildlife is truly hard to comprehend.

From Florida panthers to Burmese pythons, black bears to sharks, and many more, there’s no shortage of things that can end your life crawling in the swamps, grasslands, and forests of the Sunshine State.

But there will always be one animal that reigns supreme over the rest, and that is the American alligator.

Over 1 million of these prehistoric looking creatures roam every waterway in the state, chowing down on everything from people’s pets to other gators, and they show no remorse for any of their actions.

For the most part, these creatures stay away from humans, but if they feel they’re being attacked, they will absolutely launch out of the water to defend their territory, which is what we see in this crazy video.

While trying to tame the long grass and weeds surrounding a small pool, Ben Register broke out the trusty weed whacker to try to trim the grass around the gator’s enclosure.

But apparently the gator, named Salty, was like the rest of us when we’re woken up by our neighbors doing yard work early in the morning, and erupted from the water and went on the attack.

Fortunately, Register was able to fend it off, but my goodness whatever they’re paying him is not nearly enough to contend with these kinds of work hazards.

Florida residents are a different breed.

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