Charles Wesley Godwin Gifts Fans With Live Version Of “Two Weeks Gone”

Charles Wesley Godwin
Charles Wesley Godwin

Another sensational live version from the Asheville, North Carolina studio.

We are now being blessed daily with these live recordings of the tracks from Family Ties. I know I said when he released his live version of “Miner Imperfections” that I had a hunch that we could be getting a live studio album from these Echo Mountain sessions, and while (sadly) no announcement of that has been made… my hunch does continue to grow stronger with each live track released.

We are at 5 tracks currently, only 14 more to go…

Today, Charles Wesley Godwin hits us with a killer live studio take of “Two Weeks Gone.” At this point, CWG and The Allegheny High have proved time and time again they are as consistent as an old grandfather clock with their sound, so it’s no shock to the public when I say it’s a phenomenal take. Their band chemistry blows me out of the water each time I watch these Echo Mountain sessions because they are all on the same page with the sound they are creating, highlighting they all love playing the final product of these songs.

“Alright, this is “Two Weeks Gone.” One…two… you know what to do.” 

CWG says into the mic, counting down his band with a rasp in his voice.

As “Two Weeks Gone” is one of my favorites off the album, I will have this one max volume all day.

Keep them comin’, CWG.

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