Canadian Man Smacks Approaching Bull Moose With Wooden Paddle

Moose paddle
Pierre Paquet

Whenever you visit national parks, they have very strict rules about NOT approaching the wildlife, and being sure to stay at least 25 yards away from any creature you may come across, and even further for more dangerous predators, because it could potentially end badly for both the creature and yourself.

With that being said, I can’t think of a more textbook example of what not to do if a massive bull moose approaches you.

In this wild video footage, you can see a French-Canadian man from Quebec slowly approaching a bull moose that is slowly walking closer and closer to their group. The man is only armed with a paddle-like object, as he has it raised as the moose gets close.

Was he trying to call the moose in? Moose don’t see that well so it’s common for hunters to call moose with big paddles that resemble their antlers. Just recently we saw a hunter using a canoe oar to bring a big bull within yards of him. If you can make noises that sound like a rutting bull, and rustle up some branches and leaves like you’re ready to fight, a bull might be tempted to come in closer and defend his cows.

However, this moose doesn’t appear to be a threat to the group in any way and actually looks like he’s nibbling on the tree. But this guy right here was asking for the smoke. Did he lose a bet? Was this a “hey y’all watch this” moment? He doesn’t seem to have any intention of hunting the moose.

Who knows, but the man kept getting closer and closer to the moose, and then proceeded to smack it with the paddle. Obviously frightened, the moose jumps back and takes off in the opposite direction, as the man and his buddies start to laugh their a** off.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes… but this guy got off lucky. That bull was a monster, and if he would’ve charged, I’m not sure plan B for this guy would’ve been.

Check it out:

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