Miranda Lambert Raises Over $175k For Dogs In Tennessee With ‘It Takes Balls’ MuttNation Campaign

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Only Miranda Lambert.

I think we’ve all heard plenty about selfie-gate and what happened at Miranda’s show when she called out a group of fans for taking pictures instead of paying attention to the concert during a performance of “Tin Man” back in July.

In true Miranda fashion, she never released a statement or anything of that nature formally addressing the incident, though she did take a shot with a fan at a later show who came wearing a shirt that said “Shoot tequila, not selfies,” if that gives you any indication on her feelings about it.

Anywho, in the thick of all of that, Miranda also posted a photo wearing a shirt that read “It Takes Balls,” which was the announcement of a new campaign for her MuttNation foundation.

As you can imagine, the comments section went absolutely buck wild, and I’m still of the opinion that her posting at that time was probably no accident, if you read between the lines, so to speak… or maybe it was just perfectly serendipitous timing for her, we’ll probably never know:

And the results of the campaign are now in, with Miranda announcing today that they raised over $175,000, which will be awarded in grants to 48 Tennessee organizations.

The campaign was launched earlier this year to raise awareness for the importance of spay and neuter with a focus on rural areas.

Miranda says all of the money will be used to help “curb pet homelessness across Tennessee”:

“We’ve been so excited by the great response we received to our new spay and neuter program and know that the organizations we’re supporting with ‘It Takes Balls’ grants will make a meaningful difference in helping curb pet homelessness across Tennessee.”

The old saying goes that there’s “no such thing as bad publicity,” so maybe all the national press attention at the time helped her raise even more money for dogs in rural Tennessee.

Here is the full list of the shelters who will benefit across the Volunteer state:

Miranda Lambert country music

And speaking of “Tin Man,” I’ll leave you with this…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock