Taylor Swift Spotted Wearing Custom Shoes All Other WAGS Sport, Are They Official?

Taylor Swif
Chariah Gordon

If the shoe fits…

I know the public is tired of hearing about  Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, but I am here to say that I doubt that will slow down anytime soon. And leave it to Taylor Swift to drop little Easter Eggs throughout each time she steps out with Kelce to let fans know about their relationship status.

While nothing has been confirmed directly from Travis and Taylor, fans who know a lot about Chiefs WAG culture noticed something after this weekend’s game.

Taylor Swift was spotted wearing a pair of custom shoes that players give their wives or girlfriends to sport while in attendance.

“Travis and his friends love doing customized shoes and clothing for their girlfriends and wives. They do it constantly. 

The shoes and the picture (of her wearing them with all the others) basically confirm that she’s his actual girlfriend for the doubters. They don’t give anybody else those shoes. 

You’ll probably see all of them wearing a different customized set when the Chiefs get to the playoffs.”

After reading that, I’m not sure about y’all, but I love how sweet of a team tradition that is.

Anyways… the photos of Swift sporting the shoe and images showing that all of the other girlfriends and wives were sporting them seemingly confirm rumors that they are officially dating. The paparazzi highlight that they are, without a doubt, spending a significant amount of time together, but if they have had the exclusivity talk is still up in the air.

Swifties everywhere, though, are convinced these two are endgame for each other.

Regardless of their status, Swift must mean a lot to Travis Kelce for him to gift her these treasured WAG shoes.

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