Oliver Anthony Performs Gritty Rendition Of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”

Oliver Anthony
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Oliver Anthony has done it again. It kinda of feels like yesterday when the Virginia native turned the country upside down with his overnight mega viral song, “Rich Men North of Richmond.” The man literally went from an unknown artist who has never played a true concert, to a household name, selling out minor league baseball stadiums.

Of course, the song got hyper-politicized, as Republicans adopted the song as their own blue collar, anti-government anthem, so Democrats naturally hated it, and took exception to the welfare line. However, Anthony has openly said that he is in the middle when it comes to politics, and says the song was a shot at both sides of the aisle when it comes to the elites in Washington D.C.

Regardless of your opinion on the song, you have to respect Anthony for speaking his mind about the current state of the country, and singing what so many across the country are feeling. You can’t deny the song didn’t resonate (even though Jason Isbell thinks he should’ve never released it).

But back before the madness, Oliver was doing what most artists with a guitar, a few songs, and a dream do… share them on social media. In October of last year, rocking the iconic middle finger t-shirt, he put together a gutsy, swampy rendition of one of Cash’s greatest hits, “Folsom Prison Blues.”

It’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s a pretty damn good arrangement. I’d love to hear him take another shot at this one as he continues to hone his craft.

Check it out:

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And of course, the original version from the Man in Black himself:


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