Young Alligator Runs Down An Opossum, Drags It Back Into The Water To Meet Its End

Alligator attacks possum
Troy Wilburn

Big or small, alligators are no joke.

We give a lot of praise to the monster gators out there, I mean it’s hard to not get swept up in enthrallment by these dinosaurs on earth, but as this video shows, the little guys are just as worthy of our attention.

For starters, baby alligators are cute, there’s just no denying it. That doesn’t mean you should go out and try to pet one or steal one from a pond to bring home, but those little guys with the big eyes will certainty make even the toughest among us say “awww” once in awhile.

But just to drive home the point that they’re not harmless little buggers, let’s roll the tape on this video.

Unfortunately, we don’t know where it took place, but someone was able to capture footage of an opossum meandering around a body of water’s edge, seeming to just be enjoying its day and not bothering anybody.

What the possum didn’t know was there was a predator who saw it strutting past and was eyeing it up, waiting for just the right moment to strike.

The predator was a baby alligator, around 2 feet long, and when the possum was in the right spot, it burst out of the water and ran up the small embankment after it. It grabbed the possum with its already powerful jaws and gave it a bit of a thrashing before pulling it back into the water, where the possum would be drown and consumed in triumphant glory.

This clearly wasn’t the first time this baby gator had hunted and people in the nearby area may want to keep an eye on this guy as he grows up. You don’t want him to start chasing dogs and cats and kids…

Also, a word to the wise… you can’t play possum with an alligator… that just makes it easier for them.

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