Nick Sirianni Talks Straight At The Camera About Eagles Tush Push: “If Everybody Could Do It, Everybody Would Do It”

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The “Tush Push,” the “Brotherly Shove,” call it whatever you want, just don’t call it a cheat code if you are talking to Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Nick Siriannai.

If you’ve watched even 10 minutes of NFL football this season, you’ve heard two things more than anything else: Taylor Swift and “Tush Push.” The two things have basically taken over the game of football, and both have created plenty of conversations.

The Philadelphia Eagles have basically perfected their special QB sneak, which of course led it to be nicknamed the “Brotherly Shove.”

And there have been many calls to have the play banned, but the only problem is that no other team in the NFL can run the play with the same success rate as the Eagles.

The Philly squad utilized their signature play multiple times in their Sunday Night Football game against the Dolphins, and afterwards, their Head Coach Nick Sirianni talked to the media about how great it is to have an “automatic” QB sneak:

“It’s 1st and 9 every down. You know every first down is 1st and 9, knowing that if you get the 4th and 1…shoot, lot of faith in that play.

Because you’ve seen it, right? You’ve seen it across the league that people can’t do it like we can do it. So I’m making my plug right there, don’t ban this play. If everyone could do it, everybody would.”

Sirianni then doubled down, pulling a “Jim from The Office” and finding the camera to say:

“Where’s the camera? If everybody could do it, everybody would do it.”

Yeah, what else can you really say about the tush push?

And while we are talking about it, I do have to pose a question that I’ve been wondering about as I’ve watched the Philadelphia Eagles dominate opponents with their short yardage play. I don’t think you are ready for this question…

Could the Eagles run the “Brotherly Shove” every play?

Imagine that the Philly squad got pinned back on their own 10 yard line and had a ton of time left in the game. If they needed to score a touchdown to win the game, could they not formulate a 90-yard drive consisting of only tush pushes?

For reference, watch this video from their last game and to see how many yards they gained on a 4th and really long one yard:

By my calculations there, they gained around 3 yards on that play. So if it was first down and 10 yards, and they just ran that play four straight times, it appears they could craft a very-boring-yet-somehow-unstoppable 90 yard drive.

I’d guess that the special play won’t get banned, until the Eagles really lean into it and try to do that…

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