Football Fans Finally Give Joe Buck Some Credit… When His Wife Was Spotted On The MNF Broadcast

Joe Buck's wife

To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about Joe Buck.

Sure, the guy makes some ridiculous comments in the booth and can be downright annoying to listen to at times, but he’s also been a staple of sports announcing for decades and is undoubtedly one of the most well rounded and educated announcers in the game today.

It has been a bit strange to not hear his voice during the MLB Playoffs, so listening to him and Troy announce the MNF 49ers vs Vikings game after watching my Phillies lose (again) to the suddenly fiery Diamondbacks just feels a bit off.

Naturally, the internet tonight has once again been flooded with the typical “I hate Joe Buck” comments that pop up any time he gets behind a microphone, but things changed quickly after his family got some air time in a commercial and the camera panned to his wife and kids decked out in Vikings gear in the crowd.

Let’s just say, people liked his wife… A lot…

He then mentioned that his wife’s family is from Minnesota, which gave Vikings fans even more fodder for the “That’s why he hates us so much!” talk.

His wife’s name is Michelle Beisner-Buck and she’s actually been an ESPN features reporter since 2014 and was previously a studio host and field reporter for NFL Network from 2006-2014. As a contributor for ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, she actually got to work alongside her husband, who stepped in for a sick Scott Van Pelt last week.

Before that she was a Denver Broncos cheerleader from 1997 to 2003, being captain of the squad for four of those years. She married Joe the same year she joined ESPN and they have twin sons, Blake and Wyatt, who were born in 2018.

Fortunately for all of the Michelle Beisner-Buck fans out there, there’s plenty more out there for you, but again, you may have to suffer through some Joe Buck to get to the part you really enjoy…

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