Fans Collapse Due To Heat, Get Stuck In Traffic And A Dust Storm For Hours After Zach Bryan Headlines ‘Live At The Station’ In Texas

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The first ever Live at the Station music festival headed to Aggieland over the weekend.

The STACKED lineup took the Snook Rodeo Grounds by storm, leading to a crowd of nearly 40,000 in Somerville, Texas. While reviews from the musical aspect of the festival are glowing, the larger-than-life crowd led to some logistical difficulties.

The majority of them happened when the masses gathered for the headliner of the night, Zach Bryan.

@drinkingchronicles We’re not talking about the parking situation… #liveatthestation #snook #zachbryan #collegestation ♬ Revival – Zach Bryan

As we all know how expensive the prices are to see ZB on his upcoming Quittin’ Time Tour, many fans of the “Revival” singer saw the cheaper festival tickets as a great option to catch him live. That sounds great until you are in a sea of people in the Texas heat.

During ZB’s set, fans reported the headliner had to stop many times due to crowd members passing out.

“Zach Bryan had to stop the concert six times because people were collapsing because the venue ran out of water.” 

However, what happened during the set seemed to be the easy part of the festival.

While many fans said his 10-minute performance of “Revival” made their troubles to see Bryan made it worth it, others complained about having no cell phone service, hours of traffic to get in and out of the field, and a dust storm leaving it hard to see in the field.

While no festival is perfect, it seems as though Live at the Station wasn’t expecting the massive crowd they would draw with Flatland, Zach Bryan, and Treaty Oak Revival all performing on the same night.

And after it was over, the one-lane road left people stuck in traffic for hours while trying to leave once the night had concluded.

On TikTok, users made it seem as though they would relive the bad parts to see their favorite artists all over again, but Twitter and Instagram users had different thoughts.

“Not pictured: The show stopping multiple times for every artist because there was NO WATER which caused people to pass out left and right and the 2-3 hours spent in a parking lot without even being able to move out of your spot.”

“I could’ve driven to Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth to see Zach Bryan in less time.”

“Reposting stories but not acknowledging the literal nightmare of last night is wild. Own up to this sh*t show.”

While feedback was negative on the logistical aspect of the festival, the team has a year to smooth that over with the announcement of their 2024 dates.

Coming back next year on October 11th and 12th, the festival is expanding for two days of country music gold. If this was the headline they pulled their opening year, I can only imagine what is in store for next year across the two days.

Hopefully, Live at the Station can take some of their attendee’s feedback for their sophomore event.

Check out some other clips from the night.

@whiskeyriff Hate to see it. // 🎥: @Grace #whiskeyriff #countrymusic #liveatthestation #zachbryan ♬ Revival – Zach Bryan

@haleyschmidtttt All night and morning revival, I hope to make it home soon! But @zachbryan and @Flatland Cavalry are worth the dustbowl cough! @jayne @madi #liveatthestation #zachbryan ♬ Traveler’s Song – Flatland Cavalry

@marshallhajek Logistics 0/10 – Music 10/10. . . #atthestationfest #collegestation #snooktx #zachbryan ♬ original sound – Marshall | TX Videographer

@bayleyotto i wanna say it was worth it but at this point im not sure it was #zachbryancollegestation ♬ These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra

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