Suns’ Devin Booker Broke Out The Old School Camcorder At The NLCS

Devin Booker

Throwing it back to 1999.

There’s been no shortage of stars and celebrities in attendance for the NLCS, where Arizona Diamondbacks are taking on the Philadelphia Phillies.

Yesterday featured all-time great Olympian Michael Phelps throwing out the first pitch, members of the Arizona Coyotes chugging beers, and a few NBA stars sitting in the front row including Kevin Durant and Devin Booker, both on the Phoenix Suns.

It’s always cool when other athletes cheer on their hometown, or adopted hometown, teams, but it’s even cooler when they look like a real fan doing so, trying to soak in the moment and capture a few moments on camera.

Devin Booker was doing just that the other night, but instead of using his smartphone, like literally everyone else on the planet, Booker decided to dig deep in the back of his closet and bring out an old school, handheld, camcorder.

This thing looked like a brick compared to the cameras out there today, but honestly, you’ve got to respect it.

Zach Bryan has been bringing low quality, but old looking photos and videos back in to vogue, so maybe Devin decided to hop on that train and see what he could do using an old home video camera.

Regardless, the visual of a man who’s on a 5 year, $158,253,000 contract using a camera almost as old as him is truly something to behold.

As fun at the crowd looked in Phoenix the last few nights, I’ve got only one thing to say…


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock