Fisherman Spots 3-Legged Alligator Swimming In Tampa Bay

Gator in Tampa Bay
Capt. Dustin Pack

Well that’s not where that belongs…

While fishing in the Tampa Bay, a fisherman named Dustin Pack spotted a creature that is very common to Florida but does not typically go near its salty waters.

An alligator was chilling in the shallow, warm water by Bayshore Boulevard, a road that runs on the coast of Tampa and features the world’s longest sidewalk. Obviously, alligators live in fresh water and the bay is anything but it, so it was certainly not where that fellow calls home.

It’s not the first time we’ve see an alligator in downtown Tampa, so it’s possible this guy got there just like the one in the street did, but I do worry for him for a couple reasons.

According to NOAA, alligators can survive from a few hours to a few days in salt water, but if he’s unable to make his way back into a tributary or river, he won’t be living much longer.

Also, the fisherman said he only had three legs, possibly from a shark biting his leg or battle with another gator. Sot this poor guy really is finding himself up the creek with a paddle.

Florida, man… You really never know what you’re going to see.

“Along Bayshore in Tampa. Poor dude was lost and missing a paw. Didn’t think he was alive until he turned and gave me a friendly (F Off) look. So I F’d off.”

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A beer bottle on a dock