UNHINGED Woman Spent The Last 15 Years Dismantling The Life Of A Man Who Spit On Her Friend

Woman shares story on TikTok

If you are in the depths of TikTok, I am sure you have seen people stitching videos with one creator who posted a video opening it with:

“Call me crazy if you want, but I’ve never liked store-bought pesto…”

People have been making fun of the creator, sharing an innocent pesto recipe sharing some absolutely unhinged sh*t they have done in their life. Well, a Dallas resident with the username @lindasolleyhurd takes the cake, sharing one of the most unhinged stories I’ve ever heard from her past.

The video now has 4.5 million views and tells how she has spent the last 15 years ruining the life of a man who spit on her friend at a comedy show.

The TikTok user’s friend stood up from her seat, accidentally spilling her drink on a man nearby. While no one loves being in the splash zone, it seems as though the man overreacted.

“He stands up and calls her a stupid, fat b*tch, which is categorically not true, and he was not hearing her apology. And then he spits on her.”

She goes on to say that she got in a screaming match with the man who spit on her friend, as the friend ran away to the bathroom, upset from the situation.

“We moved on with our night; do not move on with our lives.” 

The next day, she details her first seed of revenge towards this man who spit on her friend. She went to Facebook and found out that this man loved The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, which were actively airing during the time of the incident. She would Google spoilers for the show each week to ruin his bit of TV joy, messaging him from burner accounts.

“He would make these rage-filled Facebook statuses and Tweets, like “WHO IS SENDING ME THIS,” and block us. Then I’d just pop back up and send him another one. It was so much fun.

Crazy? Yes… but you haven’t seen anything yet. After a few months of spoiling this man’s favorite TV show, she stopped feeling as though she was over the grudge. Well, that was short-lived, once she had a class with him the following semester. She was re-trigged about how much she disliked this man and started spoiling things for him again.

Eight years go by, yes, EIGHT YEARS… and she sees a friend of a friend got engaged to the man. This re-sparked her interest in his life, curious about what he has been up to, and she fired up the ol’ internet and found his old Reddit pages she used to troll. While scrolling through, she found some troubling posts from the man, but she doesn’t go into detail about what the troubling posts entailed.

“I see some pretty sinister stuff on his Reddit, there are pictures that he’s passing off as her… if it were your partner, you’d want to know.” 

She then re-logged back into one of her old Facebook accounts to send these posts to his now ex-fiancé.

“She was thanking this random dog groomer account/person profusely, and she breaks off the engagement.” 

Fifteen years total, this girl was dismantling this man’s life. Moral of the story she says?

“You shouldn’t assault women and call them b*tches.” 

I still want to know what he was doing on Reddit, right? It seems like it was enough for her to call off the engagement, but maybe not? You’re already exposing this story (which frankly makes you look crazier than him), why not just say it? It’s the crux of the story…

I mean, you just can’t make this sh*t up (unless she totally did for internet clout, which I wouldn’t rule out either). Just watch for yourself:

@lindasolleyhurd #stitch with @Susi ♬ original sound – Lindasolleyhurd

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