Charles Wesley Godwin Releases Live Studio Version Of “Miner Imperfections”

Charles Wesley Godwin
Charles Wesley Godwin

Is Charles Wesley Godwin gearing up to release a live version of Family Ties? 

While no formal announcement has been made, the number of live versions he has been throwing up on YouTube raises a fair question. This week, he dropped three acoustic YouTube videos of tracks all housed on Family Ties. 

With an acoustic performance of “Dance In Rain” followed by a live recording from Echo Mountain Studio of “Another Leaf.”

“Another Leaf” and “Miner Imperfections” live from Echo Mountain out now!”

Today, Godwin again blessed his fans with a live studio performance of fan favorite “Miner Imperfection.” The blue-collar anthem serves as a tribute to his father and plays on the title’s words to highlight how he was raised.

“Let me get a good one, this is ‘Miner Imperfections.'” 

He says before strumming the open guitar lick. Watching yet another incredible studio recording of CWG and The Allegheny High highlights this group’s musical talent, chemistry and consistency. Each player looks so tuned into the music they are performing, completely dialed in on each guitar pick, drum beat, and word CWG sings.

Each and every time I listen to this song, I can’t help but choke up when he sings:

I’ve got miner imperfections, I’m proud of my roots
Calluses on my hands, singing to a room
I’m not one for conversation when I’ve got work to do
I tell my kids do what you love, your papaw told me to

Them city folks try to shame me now and then, don’t mind them
I’m proud of my miner imperfections…”

Nothing compares to the love you feel growing older, appreciating everything your parents did and sharing that with the next generation. I could get used to a few more of these Echo Mountain videos seeing the light of day…

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