Upper Michigan Hunter “Watches The Kids” In One Of The Most Bada** Blinds I’ve Ever Seen

UP hunter blind

If this ain’t living the dream, then I don’t know what is. When you think of hunting blinds, what comes to mind?

To me, it’s a makeshift shack that gives you just enough coverage for hunting season. Freezing cold, too small… but this guy in Upper Michigan right here? He turned his blind into a full on man cave in the trees. Seriously, this blind looks more like an extension to a house than it does as a blind.

In the video, the guy has a flat screen TV with football on, Wisconsin football game on, a cocktail bar, a table with chairs for his buddies and family to hang out and play cards, and Christmas lights hanging to make it even more inviting.

He also brought his daughters up in there with him too, and man, I can honestly say this would be a dream spot to have as a kid.

We’ve seen everything from old cars and campers turned into deer stands for some impressive redneck engineering, but this is some next level stuff right here. He also showed how the whole spot is powered through solar power, since they don’t have power out in his neck of the woods.

I think this might be a bucket list goal of mine in the future…

Check it out:

Whole place is pretty sick:

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