Oliver Anthony Welcomes Baby Boy Into The World

Oliver Anthony country music
Spotify/Joe Rogan

“Welcome to the new world, with an old soul…” is what I imagine Anthony saying to his baby.

Talk about a whirlwind few months for Oliver Anthony.

From the viral Radio WV video that rocket launched his career, started to be mentored by Jamey Johnson, to playing Tootsie’s Birthday Bash, festivals, appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and selling out Knoxville stadiums, Oliver Anthony has been on quite the ride.

Add another massive milestone to that list as he shared that he is gearing up to welcome a baby boy into the world, he and his wife’s third child:

“The baby boy may be making an appearance today. Have been at the hospital since 12 a.m. Will keep y’all updated!”

He shared on Instagram yesterday with a picture of his baby prep… taking a nap in the hospital recliner. Anthony took to social media this morning, updating his fans that Anthony baby #3 made his debut.

“Mission success.” 

Congratulations to Oliver Anthony, and his wife Tiffany, on the birth of their son.

He’s already got the “embarrassing dad” look ready to go:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock