Golfer Pulls Off A God-Tier Flop Shot That Even Phil Mickelson Would Struggle To Execute

Golfer hits shot in the wind

As a golf-enjoying person, I’ve seen many an impeccable shot by pros in tournaments and randos on social media, but a massive flop shot is particularly tricky. Phil Mickelson is the GOAT at them. The PGA Tour has a whole highlight reel of Lefty’s best flops from actual tourneys.

So understand that I’m being a little facetious by suggesting Philly Mick would struggle with this one. That said, this presumed Ollie Schniederjans/Robert Rock enthusiast (hatless) pulled off a flop for the ages with Mother Nature in quite the feral state:

Hitting a simple bump-and-run toward the flag did not register in this young man’s mind for a second. Why do it the easy way? That seems boring. I credit him for the courage to even attempt this.

Nice to have a sort of invisible wall of wind to blow your ball back. Still, if you skull that puppy, the stiffest breeze won’t stop it from trundling a good 40-50 yards down the fairway. Then you’re faced with a tailwind pitch that you have a zero point zero percent chance of stopping.

One of Phil’s flops that come to mind is this one from all the way back in 1995 — minimally wind-aided, I might add:

Maybe I need to keep an eye out for more cool golf videos on the interwebs. The only one I can recall being more impressive/entertaining in recent years is some instructor who holed out from a greenside bunker while using a rake as his club!

Still makes zero sense to me.  I don’t know how you make clean contact, never mind jarring it from there. That’s a whole other level of hand-eye coordination with which I’m not familiar.

Alright, weekend warriors. Hope this gave you some inspiration to hit the practice chipping area at your local course a little harder. That’s where you can really shave strokes off your game after all. When it comes to sky-high flop shots with seemingly gale-force winds, attempt at your own risk.

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