Taylor Swift’s Bodyguard Leaves United States To Fight Hamas In His Home Country Of Israel

Taylor Swift bodyguard

From fighting off Swifties to fighting terrorists.

As Taylor Swift traveled the country on her Eras Tour this year, one man in particular got a lot of attention alongside of her (and no, I don’t mean Travis Kelce).

An unnamed bodyguard, who showed up in videos posted by fans escorting the singer to and from the stage, went viral online for his no-nonsense approach and focus when it came to protecting the world’s biggest pop star.

Well it turns out that security guard is a former member of the Israeli Defense Force (which probably explains why he was so serious about his job).

And now he’s returned to his home country of Israel to re-join the IDF in their fight against Hamas.

As reported by Eran Swissa of Israel Hayom, the bodyguard, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he decided to return to Israel to fight after the massacre on an Israeli music festival, and the subsequent attacks on civilians by Hamas terrorists:

“I have a pretty great life in the US, a dream job, great friends, and a comfortable home.

I didn’t have to come here, but I couldn’t stand by while families were slaughtered and burned alive in their homes. Don’t stand by and do nothing. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.”

The guard also condemned the attacks on his home country by the Palestinian group, and said he couldn’t stand by while this happened in his country:

“It would be an insult to animals around the world to call these terrorists ‘animals.’ They killed and butchered families in their beds along with the family’s pets and in the end also burned down their houses. Try to imagine this happening in your neighborhood, or to your family.”

What a badass.

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