Student Spots All-White Deer While Fishing With Her Dad

White deer
Esha Patel

Many of us will probably go our whole lives without ever seeing a creature like this. I can honestly I had never seen one, until I started noticing an all-white squirrel hanging out on one of the holes at our local golf course a few years back, and I finally realized they do exist.

Often confused with albinos, it’s more common that an animal has leucism. What’s the difference? Albinism is a complete lack of melanin, which will result in white skin, hair, feathers etc… and white or red eyes, where as leucism involves a partial loss of pigmentation. Leucistic animals usually have white fur or skin, but eyes and nose and feet can be more regular colors such as black.

With that being said, a 19-year-old student witnessed an all-white deer up close and personal while on a fishing trip with her father.

According to Fox News, Esha Patel, who is originally from Chelthenham, England, but is studying at Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales, and while on the fishing trip with her dad, she noticed three deer…

And sure enough, one of them was all-white.

Patel said:

“We have never seen one before, and my dad was like, ‘Are you sure it was a deer and not a goat?'”

She added that the other two were brown, but this one was all white from head to toe. Most likely it was a fallow deer, the predominant species in that region, but nevertheless, an extremaly rare treat for the young angler.

Patel said she re-watched the videos she took of the creature to confirm it was actually a deer.

She added:

“Apparently, it’s really good luck to see them — so I was going to buy a lottery ticket. I do think these beautiful animals should be protected and loved.”

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