Kid Stares Down A Charging Black Bear Then Rolls Off On His Scooter Like Nothing Happened

black bear charges kid

Nerves of steel… then he just rolls away like a G.

It’s hard not to be frightened when something like a bear is running at you. Nearly everyone would be terrified, and there’s a good reason for it, really. Bears have a reputation of being scary and that’s pretty much because they are. Human and bear interactions are fairly common, because bears love food, and humans tend to leave lots of food sources just laying around for bears to get to. And while they rarely attack people, if and when they do, it can be fatal.

Black bears can reach a weight 600 pounds, though they generally average much less than that. However, even at 250 pounds, their strength and speed is nothing to joke about. They can run fast, swim well, climb trees high and dig their way through any situation to find food.

Most bears aren’t looking for a fight, but if cubs are around, or they’ve very hungry, they can be aggressive. When bears are encountered, people tend to run away (or get too close for a picture), however, the best thing to do is stand your ground and make noise… and slowly leave the area.

This kid certainly got the stand your ground part.

In the video, a kid on a scooter is seen looking at a black bear moving towards him. The black bear aggressively starts to charge in on him and the kid doesn’t even flinch. Maybe he was paralyzed by fear, or maybe he just has some big brass ones, but the bear stops up and doesn’t really know what to do until an adult notices and chases him off.

The kid then just pushes away on his scooter like nothing happened. The comments on the video are almost as entertaining as the video itself:

“Needs the scooter for his massive set of balls.”

“Kid was ready for the massive “scooter to the shin” attack. Bear stood no chance.”

“This is a footage of Chuck Norris when he was a kid.”

“I would still be in therapy as an adult for this trauma.”

“That kid grew up to be Khabib.”

“That’s not a boy , that’s a warrior! He ever rode away like he just beat the final boss.”

Ice water in his veins…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock