Bull Elk Meets His Tragic End Smashing Its Antler Off On A Tree

Elk antler
Charity Courtney

That had to hurt… the things these animals go through, it’s a rough, rough life.

For any member of the deer family, elk included, they live most of their lives with their head on a swivel. They need to constantly be looking over their shoulder for the next thing coming at them, whether it’s predators, hunters or even traffic.

Nearly everything that can, will eat them when given the chance, and it begins right from birth when they are the most vulnerable. For many predators like wolves, bears and mountain lions, there’s nothing better than a tasty elk calf.

Elk are the second largest member of the deer family, making them one of the strongest out there, able to fight off and get away from most predators that come their way.

These beasts are known far and wide for their cool antlers, that can reach up to 6 feet in length. They use the antlers as a yearly status symbol for breeding, while also weapons if need be for protection or to establish dominance.

These antlers are shed every year after their breeding season, and regrow each spring into the hard, boney antlers we’re accustomed to seeing on their head. And while they do fall off,  when they are attached to an elks head, they are on there good.

This elk found that out the had way. After surviving everything he could out there, this mature elk met his maker all on his own accord. While taking a run through the woods, the elk caught his antler up causing it to break off and ultimately causing him to die.

The wound is seen deep into his head with the antler laying nearby. An unfortunate end to his long and majestic life, it just goes to show you that everything out there is hard for these animals, even the terrain the navigate every single day.

The things you can come across out there are wild…

Bull Elk Trips Over Fence & Pays Ultimate Price

What a sad sight to see.

Something so gorgeous just absolutely eating it and paying the ultimate price for a simple miscalculation…

This is as crazy as it gets, one of those moments you can’t believe you happened to catch on video. You’re filming something spectacular but fairly common in that of an elk herd running across the countryside when the completely unexpected happens.

Elk are amazing animals, though, which is why this is so heartbreaking. They can weigh up over 1000-pounds, have antlers like no other and are widely known as the tastiest wild animal around. I mean, if you’ve ever bitten into a tender elk backstrap, you know just how magnificent these beasts are.

Their bugle is world-renowned in the outdoors world… one of the coolest noises you can hear in the woods.

A herd of elk is shown running across the fields of what appears to be the American West, perhaps Colorado, Wyoming or Montana. After a bunch of cows make the jump over a fence in pans over to a nice bull running full tilt towards it.

The bull gets to the fence and makes a fairly pathetic jump. It’s back legs get hung up as he is flung forward flipping over. To make matters worse his antlers get lodged into the ground causing his neck to bend very awkwardly.

Utter shock at what we just witnessed…

The elk lays on its back kicking for its life, it kicks and kicks but doesn’t get flipped over. Very quickly it slows its movements down. The initial “he just broke his neck” thoughts are spot on here.

The video ends showing a close-up picture of this gorgeous 6×7 bull that had an extremely unfortunate end to its life.

I mean, what a painful and humbling reminder of how fragile life can be. You evade hunters, vehicles, predators, starvation, climate… everything that can kill an elk, only to get hung up on a fence, trip, and die.

The tragedy of life on full display.

Bull Elk Takes A Spill Trying To Jump A Fence

Ahh, the majestic elk.

The antlered king of the west. A true American legend which has inspired countless tales, stories, and epic encounters, putting them near the top of most iconic creatures in the country.

But apparently not the best high jumper…

Elk are known for their physical capabilities, whether running free across a plain or scaling tough mountain terrain, but this video proves even the best fall down sometimes.

This particular bull was chasing after a cow during the rut when a pesky fence got in his way. Brimming with testosterone and a full head of steam, he had to be thinking this could be his Bo Duke moment and went to leap over the fence.

Whether it was just a bit too high or he was just a bit too heavy, he clipped his front legs on the top wire and absolutely face planted on the other side, limbs and antlers flying in every direction.

He was just fine and continued on the chase for a mate, but man that’s got to be such a buzzkill.

One second you’re conquering the world and the next the world has conquered you.

So when you get knocked down, shake it off just like this elk and stay on the path.

Just hope there’s not a camera there to capture it and put it on YouTube…


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