Canadian Shed Hunter Captures “One In A Million” Moment Of A Moose Dropping Both Antlers

Bull moose drops antlers
CBC News

A sight that few will ever see, playing out right before our eyes.

While I didn’t grow up in moose country, even I heard rumors of people getting to witness the ultra-rare moment these majestic creatures shed their antlers every year.

Just finding antler sheds is hard enough, but actually watching one do it live? Truly a one in a million chance.

Moose are the largest of the deer family, growing up to 1,800 pounds with males growing spectacularly large antlers each year, which they use to compete for mates. These antlers can be up to 6 feet wide and weigh an incredible 40 pounds, meaning their necks, and rest of their bodies, are incredibly strong.

A woodsman named Derek Burgoyne was flying his drone near Juniper, New Brunswick in search of antler sheds when he spotted some moose bedded down in the woods. Of course, he flew in and focused the camera to get a good shot of these beasts in their natural habitat, but even he wasn’t prepared for what he was about to see.

Here’s how he described it.

“I would put it at one in a million. 

This past Thursday afternoon, I was flying my drone and spotted these three moose that were bedded just off the road. So I’m watching this happen and I’m thinking in my mind as a shed hunter “This might actually happen.” 

As he shook himself you saw what happened, this is once in a lifetime to catch this on film, not only one antler, but both antlers shook off at the exact second is crazy rare. 

And man, when they flew off, I shook a little bit, adrenaline rush for sure.”

As a passionate shed hunter, Derek said he had found a few hundred sheds in his life and it’s very rare that both are together. The bull can carry just the one side for up to a week if not longer.

Absolutely just an incredible moment for Derek and we’re beyond thankful he shared it with everyone.

Nature can certainly be brutal at times, but man can it also be beautiful.

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