Bull Elk Rams Car Three Times, Smashes Out Rear Windshield To Protect Its Harem In Colorado

Elk in Colorado

If you mess with the bull, you’re going to get the horns… well… antlers.

Colorado is a magical place.

Pretty much anything outdoors related is available to you, from hiking and skiing to fishing and hunting. The power and reality of nature is core to the culture of the state, as you can’t live nestled in the Rocky Mountains without being very aware of brutal blizzards and vicious wildlife.

From mountain lion mauling elk to world record trout and everything in between, there’s always some sort of excitement just around the corner, like these people found out while driving through Estes Park just the other day.

The video was captured by Debi Coleman, a real estate agent in the Vail and Estes Park region, and shows a car with Texas plates attempting to drive down a road but running into a problem. A bull elk, in the midst of his testosterone fueled rut, was standing in the middle of the road, trying to protect his harem of cows from this invading vehicle.

To be fair, the car is trying to back up and go the other way, but the bull has already decided that a line has been crossed and they need to fight.

The driver puts the SUV in reverse and starts backing up, without much urgency might I add, when the elk make its charge, sending one of its massive antlers directly into the front headlight before wandering off a bit.

Not great, but hey, probably thinking it could have been worse and now you have a chance to get the heck out of there.

Nope, the elk had other plans.

As soon as the vehicle turned around it charged again, spearing the back windshield with its antler and shattering into a million little pieces before again walking off. But that wasn’t it, as the elk charged the car a third time (what are you doing dude?), again smashing into the backside and causing damage to the rear lights and window. As it trotted triumphantly back to the herd, it let out a guttural bellow to announce its victory.

Certainly more than these people were expecting visiting Colorado.

Eventually the car was able to sneak out of the area and get away from the creature, but this serves as a good reminder. For as awesome as people are, we aren’t always on top, especially in places where massive elk run free.

I also love the cows just completely chillin’ throughout this entire ordeal, just watching their bull be a big strong man.

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