The Swifties Are Begging The NFL To Ban Turf Fields After Travis Kelce Injury

Travis Kelce
Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

We’re still only a few weeks into this newfound relationship between Taylor Swift and star Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Things got real when Swift made an appearance to two of Kelce’s games in a row, as she was spotted in the box right next to Kelce’s mom.

So, as you can imagine, Swift’s fanbase (or Swifties, if you will) have been coming out in full force, talking about Kelce and if he’s a good fit for their favorite pop singer, as if she needed their approval.

And although Taylor wasn’t there yet, the Swifties came out firing on all cylinders yesterday, when Kelce went down with a knee injury during the Chiefs’ game against the Minnesota Vikings.

At first look, the injury looked pretty brutal, as Kelce laid on the field gripping his ankle for a brief second.

He went to the locker room and got it checked out, and ultimately returned to the game, and even caught a touchdown pass as the Chiefs went on to win 27-20 in a thriller.

Kelce’s injury happened on a turf field, and many NFL fans have been putting the blame on turf fields as to why there’s been so many brutal leg injuries this year that have put star players out for the season, such as Aaron Rodgers, Nick Chubb, and Trevon Diggs…

And in yesterday’s scenario, almost Kelce.

And now, it appears the Swifties are speaking out against turf fields, as they don’t want to see Taylor’s new flame go down with a season ending injury.

There’s been a lot of calls to ban turf this year, but fans are convinced that if anybody can get it done, it’s Swifties.

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