Dan Campbell Will Have You Ready To Go To War With Postgame Speech: “When You Smell Competition, You Show Up”

Dan Campbell Lions
Detroit Lions

It’s been amazing to see what Dan Campbell has done as head coach of the Detroit Lions.

In Campbell’s first year in 2021, the Lions only went 3-13-1, but for the first time in awhile they looked competitive in the majority of their games. Then, they took it up another notch in 2022, going 9-8 and barely missing out on a playoff bid.

And this year? The Lions are sitting at 4-1, and looking like a serious playoff contender.

It’s been an impressive turnaround, especially considering the Lions have been a laughing stock of the NFL for the past couple of decades. Of course, a good bit of that credit goes to Campbell himself.

But speaking of Campbell, one thing the man is known for is his fiery attitude, and the fiery pregame and postgame speeches he gives to his team each and every Sunday. Yesterday, the Lions won in dominant fashion over the lowly Carolina Panthers, by a score of 42-24.

And per usual, Campbell gave a postgame speech to his players in the locker room that will have you ready to run through a brick wall.

Campbell said:

“You know what I love? When you guys indirectly tell your coach, ‘Coach, f*cking relax. We got it. We got it, alright.’ That’s exactly what you guys did out there.

You know what good teams do? They don’t give a shit who they play, they don’t care about the environment, who’s playing for them, who’s playing for us, what the records are.

When you smell competition, you show up, and you guys just proved it again today.” 

Ol’ Dan sure knows how to fire up a team. I’m putting all my money on the Lions from this point on… they’re winning the NFC North.

Check it out:

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