Cris Collinsworth Has Hilarious Reaction To 49ers Fan Proposing To Cowboys Fan During Blowout: “Would He Have Done That If The Cowboys Had Won?”

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Sunday Night Football

If you didn’t watch the Dallas Cowboys take on the San Francisco 49ers last night, don’t worry, you didn’t miss much.

The Cowboys turned the ball over four times, and the 49ers scored early and often and won in blowout fashion 42-10, and it was never particularly close at any point in the game.

I’ll admit, I’m a huge Cowboys fan and always will be, but I’ve learned to keep my expectations low so I don’t get heartbroken at the end of the year. So, needless to say I never got my hopes up going into the game. However, I never expected the worst defeat in the history of the Cowboys vs. 49ers rivalry last night.

Nevertheless, it happened, and there weren’t many on-field highlights for the Cowboys.

However, one Cowboys fan in particular walked away very happy.

Cameras turned to a man in the crowd wearing a Christian McCaffrey Jersey, and a girl repping a Dak Prescott jersey.

All of a sudden, you see the guy take a knee and propose, and with the woman in tears, she said yes as the fans around them clapped and cheered.

It was a really cool moment in a really boring game.

But, perhaps the best part was announcer Cris Collinsworth’s reaction.

When he and fellow announcer Mike Tirico watched the video, Collinsworth hilariously said:

“Would he have done it if the Cowboys had won? I don’t think so. I think he’s holding the ring.

You can’t start a marriage like that, with her having the upper hand. But 49ers win, ‘Here you go, let’s get married.'”

I mean… Is he wrong?

Does he hold the ring if the 9ers lose? I guess it depends on his true fandom, but I guess we’ll never know because it was a pure obliteration of the Cowboys last night.

Epic Cris Collinsworth moment here.

Check it out:


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