Rally Car Hits Deer During Race, Comes Right Through The Windshield

rally car hits deer

Right through the car…

The car that ended the deer’s life seems to be a story popping up everywhere. But with ongoing urban expansion and deer also taking a liking to towns, it is just bound to happen.

Deer across North America have taken over many towns. Urban areas provide them with easy access to food through people’s gardens and trees with minimal competition in the area for them.

They have an easier time getting food, less predators chasing them. This often causes their populations to boom and become a problem.

They get overpopulated and then people start running them over. Not on purpose, nobody wants that much damage.

Even though your average deer is usually around 130 pounds, this video shows just how much damage they really can do.

A pair of racers are seen cruising along in the middle of a rally car race.

They accelerate on a stretch and deer runs in front of them. They hit it at full speed, causing the deer to go into the windshield, right on through it, and into the back of the car.

Thankfully, both people made it out fine as the deer just barely threaded the needle between them.

That is some crazy stuff.

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