Oliver Anthony Shows His Appreciation For The Simple Things In Life With “Rich Man’s Gold”

Oliver Anthony country music
Oliver Anthony

It feels like it was yesterday when Oliver Anthony took the world by storm with his song “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

The song immediately went viral, and the Virginia native basically went from an unknown singer/songwriter to a viral sensation, and a household name overnight.

Of course, when you create a politically charged song focusing on the elites on the Northern Virginia area and Washington D.C. who profit off the hard working lifestyles of blue-collar people, you’re gonna turn some heads.

In fact, the song went so viral that “Rich Men North of Richmond” became the first song to debut at number one overall on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Needless to say, I don’t think Anthony could’ve ever fathomed this kind of music success in his life.

And on top of that, the guy is still putting out music with purpose, that so many of us can relate to, and we’re currently seeing that with his latest song “Rich Man’s Gold.”

The song itself is all about how living a simple life is all you need to be happy, including a shack, a dog, a creek in the bag, and a woman who loves you by your side, along with the fact that “Rich Man’s Gold” won’t give you happiness in the long term.

He also sings about how his grandpa grew up with basically nothing as well, and has instilled that appreciation for a simple lifestyle in his grandson.

I’d say this song is about as authentic as it gets, considering ol’ Oliver himself says he turned down million dollar deals because all he wants to do is put out music for the people, and not do it for the money.

Give it a listen:

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