Black Bear Caught Chilling On A Yacht In Florida

black bear yacht

There’s a good chance that most of us have never seen a black bear before in our lives.

Of course, I really have no desire to see one unless it’s in a zoo, because those sons of guns have the ability to rip you to shreds, especially if it’s a mama bear that’s protecting her cubs, and feels threatened in any way.

But, when you think of places you may spot a black bear, what comes to mind?

The wilderness, maybe someone’s backyard who lives right near the mountains.

However, never in a million years would I ever expect to catch a black bear chilling on a yacht, that’s sitting out on the water.

Nevertheless, this incredibly strange scenario became a reality in Naples, Florida, and was captured by TowBoat U.S. owner Todd Dillman.

The crew was entering the Royal Harbor in Naples, when they witnessed a sight that none of them would probably ever expect to see…

A black bear walking around a high dollar catamaran docked at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club.

Not gonna lie, this is the last place I’d ever expect to see a black bear hanging out, but these creatures are found on the coast of Florida, believe it or not.

Still, it’s an incredibly rare scene, and it’s pretty funny to see as well.

And of course, I love the cheesy caption as well:

“Why wasn’t this captain hired? He was unbearable”

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock