3 Black Bears Hilariously Climb The Same Tree & Snap It Right In Two

Black bears climb tree

These bears are always up to something.

I mean to it doesn’t seem to end, black bears always are getting into trouble and it’s usually something they shouldn’t be into. But it is hard to blame them, they are just out there trying to survive and their curious nature takes over.

They are some of the coolest creatures to watch though, just because they are so dang smart.

Black bears can reach a weight of 600 pounds, while they average around 200 pounds when mature in most places. This makes them need a lot of calories, especially considering the hibernate for part of the year.

They can consume up to 20,000 calories in a day when packing on weight. This causes these bears to go everywhere and do anything they can to find the amount of food they need.

If black bears are well fed, they can have up to 4 cubs in one birth. Often they have less but it can happen. These cubs stay with their mother for a year at least as she teaches them to hunt and survive. After that she sends them on their way, and they sometimes spend a bit more time together.

These 3 young bears clearly are freshly on their own, discovering the world. Even if that means finding out about it the hard way.

They are seen climbing a poplar tree, and not a very big one for three bears to be in at once. As the shuffle up, the stem starts to bend. The third bear really heaves himself up and the tree snaps right in two.


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