Wild Boar Blows Right Through Metal Gate

boar rams gate
LPE 360

I’ve seen my fair share of wild boar but I never realized they were this powerful.

The wild pig problem in America is major issue plaguing farmers and property owners alike. You can read more here for details on the damage caused and how they got here in the first place here, but they aren’t native and are costing folks billions every year.

Wild boar originated in southeast Asia, and spread throughout Asia, northern Africa and Eastern Europe, given their ability to live in pretty much every environment on the planet, and the fact that they’re made of bacon, quickly led to them being introduced around the globe.

This video comes to us from China, and it shows just how physically impressive these guys can be when the moment strikes them.

We’ve seen them fight off entire wolf packs and even run off two brawling panthers, but somehow I believe this is the video which really shows just how strong these swine are.

A security camera captured the moment a large boar got spooked by traffic while crossing a road and took off sprinting directly at a heavy, iron gate. Before watching this, I would have assume there was no way in hell it would be able to bust through, but boy was I wrong.

This pig not only gets through the gate, but absolutely demolishes it, ripping it off the hinges and sending pieces scattering across the driveway.

It immediately runs over to the garden and makes a graceful leap over a retaining wall and disappears into the greenery.

I mean, what?

Either that’s the worst built fence of all-time or we need to really start respecting the striking power of these pigs. Put one at middle linebacker for the Arkansas Razorbacks or something…

Lesson learned, get off the tracks when a boar’s a-coming.

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