Comedian Writes The Inevitable Taylor Swift Break Up Song About Travis Kelce, And It’s Hilarious

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

For starters, I’m not a Taylor Swift hater in the slightest.

She’s a great songwriter, has gone to bat for artists against the music industry’s shotty business practices multiple times and deserves a ton of respect for what she’s been able to do throughout her career.

But this whole Travis Kelce stuff is just too much.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the biggest pop star on the planet was rumored to be dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce for some time and that was all but confirmed when she attended a Chiefs game with his mom two weeks ago. Since then, the entire world has absolutely lost their minds and I’m completely over it.

Some even think it’s all a ploy by the NFL to make more money… and they might be right.

But when I stumbled upon this, well, it was just too good not to enjoy.

Obviously, Taylor has had a long history of less than stellar relationships, most of them ending up being source material for her next album and causing legions of Swifties to attack the poor dude viciously.

This gave musical comedian Will King a phenomenal idea…

About a week ago, he posted a video to social media playing his idea of what Taylor’s first single after breaking up with Travis Kelce would be and I have to say, I absolutely love it.

Here’s some of the chorus and the original video.

“Yeah we made it to the 50
And then you kissed me
We made it to the 40
A new love story
We made it to the 30
And then you did me dirty right then
You put the end in Tight End…”

Cheesy? Corny? Sure… but does it sound just like something Taylor would’ve written in 2006? Sure does…

Then, as if this wasn’t good enough, one of my favorite accounts called “there_i_ruined_it” took it, did some magic, and put together an “Actual” version of Taylor Swift singing this sure fire number one smash hit.

Now, is this actually what Taylor writes like? Not these days so much, but to deny there’s some truth in how this song is structured to a lot of Taylor’s older (country) songs just isn’t true.

Man, this is why I love the internet…

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