Shocker… Oregon State Coach Jonathan Smith Apologizes For “Milk The Clock” Gesture

Oregon State Coach

When it comes to college football, I always love seeing what kind of signs coaches use to call plays and send signals to their players on the field.

I’ll never forget when Clemson started running the spread offense with new offensive coordinator Chad Morris back in 2011, and seeing coaches hold up a massive picture of Shrek, Joel Osteen, and a box of Kleenexes all on a play card.

These types of strange signals have become all the more common over the years in college football, and we saw that play out last Friday night when the Oregon State Beavers took on the Utah Utes.

Oregon State ended up winning the game in a defensive slug fest by a score of 21-7.

However, perhaps the funniest part of the game was at the end when Oregon State head coach Jonathan Smith decided to tell his quarterback to “milk the clock” …

By literally grabbing onto his own pecs like Robert Di Nero in Meet The Parents.

Honestly, it wasn’t even that weird, because it made sense. Do you think there was an ounce of confusion in the huddle? Nope… milk the clock, messaged received.

Just see for yourself:

Nevertheless, it was still pretty hilarious.

However, there were apparently a few out there who didn’t think it was funny at all, because Smith went on to apologize for his actions. Of course he does…

He made the apology during a press conference, saying:

“Not just looking at our players on tape, I’m looking at myself on tape you know, in regards to how we signal plays, via communicate.

I’ve gotta do things better there, so for those I offended with that I apologize. I won’t be using that signal again.”

I mean, maybe it was a little strange, but I definitely didn’t think it was anything that called for an apology.

But, we live in a world where just about everything you do will piss off somebody, so I’m sure there were a handful of people who crying and gnashing their teeth at Smith’s signal. But most likely, nobody was even mad except for one or two people…

What a shame… I was hoping it would become his signature motive.

You can check out the full press conference below:

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