Massive Bull Moose Expertly Angles His Head To Fit Antlers Through A Gate In Alaska

Moose walks through gate
Viral Hog

Yup, that’s just impressive.

Ever wonder how the largest member of the deer family can wander through the woods at all? Well, this guy is gonna show us.

Moose are the second largest animal to roam North America, only behind bison. Moose reach over 1,500 pounds in some areas, while standing up to 7 feet tall at the shoulder.

That is no small animal.

These creatures are known to not only live in the deep woods, but they thrive out there.

If their size alone wasn’t enough, these beasts grow huge antlers every year. They grow in paddle-like shapes on each side and can grow up to 6 feet long and weigh over 40 pounds on their heads.

I have often wondered while watching moose, how do they do it? How do they get through the woods and not many rip the antlers off their head after hitting every tree they come across?

Well, that was until this video popped up and shows us just how a bull moose manages out there.

This bull moose is seen walking the streets of Alaska, that’s just how it goes up there. As the giant bull wanders along the sidewalk, he comes to a fence with a gate through it.

Without any hesitation, the bull goes to the gate, turns and angles his head just perfectly to slide his antlers through to the other side.

That’s a bull that has been in a tight situation before.

Nature is wild.

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