Shifty Perch Dodges Multiple Northern Pike Attacks

Pike perch fishing

There’s always a bigger fish out there.

But, what if the smaller one is faster? Maybe they can just get away…

When you get beneath the service of the water, it really isn’t that much different than land at the end of the day. Sure, the creatures breath, eat and do everything a little different, but it is still a fish eat fish world, with only the strong surviving.

Northern Pike are on the offensive end of it and are known as aggressive predators.

These beasts lurk in low waters, staying relatively still and then attacking in a flash as their prey gets close enough to strike.

These beast are a favorite by fisherman as they attack the lure with power and grow huge. These beasts can grow well over 50 inches and reach over 60 pounds in weight. That’s a fish anybody would be happy catching.

Their diet consists of any smaller fish or creatures they think they can get their mouths around, especially perch.

Yellow perch are the perfect size for many pike. They only reach lengths of 6 to 12 inches and weigh less than a pound on average.

These little pan friers are just what pike are looking for.

But, when you’re small, you get used to things trying to eat you. This yellow perch put on a clinic when avoiding this hungry pike.

The perch is seen floating and the pike moves in a flash on attack. The perch calmly raises himself, just above the attacking pikes head. The predator loops around and makes another swipe but the perch swiftly and slickly dodges again.

Time after time the pike misses the little perch.

Hand this fish the ball, nothing is taking him down.

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