Moose Wandering Around In Subway Shot Dead After Causing Trouble Across 7 Different Stations

Moose at subway

Public transportation can be a headache sometimes, especially if there are travel delays.

Those in Stockholm that were trying to use the subway yesterday were most likely late to wherever they were going thanks to a moose that had gotten onto the tracks.

There is a fenced enclosure in place around the portions of the subway that are outside, but the wild animals somehow got through (or over or under) it and started running amuck and causing trouble.

The moose picked a bad part of the subway system to hold up too. It is reported that the antlered animal was running around on the “Red Line,” which is one of the most traveled subway lines in Stockholm and has numerous outdoor stops.

At one moment yesterday, the manic moose had caused seven different stations to be shut down for the safety of subway riders and the subway cars themselves.

And this tweet below brings up a good point:

“Imagine waiting for the subway train and a moose gallops past you on the tracks.”

You’d certainly think that you might be dreaming, or possibly hallucinating, right? Or you would maybe watch the moose trot on by, stop for a second, and then say “I think I’ll take an Uber today.”

Officials in Stockholm did their best to lead the moose out of the subway enclosure, but it continued to run wildly around the subway lines. There were also reportedly attempts to catch the moose so that it could be released, though anytime they tried, it was unsuccessful.

It pains me to say that the moose’s run of terror finally ended when it was shot dead at 3 o’clock local time in the afternoon yesterday, and traffic apparently resumed rather quickly once the moose was taken care of.

I’m personally a little upset that they shot and killed the moose. Ever heard of a tranquilizer Stockholm? That probably would have done the trick against Bullwinkle.

The thing was just trying to figure a way out, and I’d venture to say that it didn’t ask for any of this to happen. But traffic has to keep moving, so officials decided to expedite the moose’s removal by taking it down.

Before it was shot though, it did appear to have a good amount of fun running wild all over the subway tracks.

Take a look:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock