Jason Kelce Was Right About Taylor Swift’s Appearance At Chief’s Game: “The Whole World’s Gonna Lose Their G*d Damn Mind”

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Jason Kelce chimes in again.

At this point, football fans and Swifties have unified and are fully invested in the  Travis Kelce Taylor Swift love story…well, maybe more so the Swifties, but Kelce is also benefiting from it.

I mean, the man’s jersey sales sky-rocketed over 400% since her Arrowhead Stadium appearance to support the Chiefs’ star.

Since the game, Jason Kelce re-appeared on DeCamara & Ritchie on Audacy’s SportsRadio 94 WIP to chat about his previous dating comment along with revisiting the frenzy that Swift attending the game caused.

While Jason made the radio show appearance to talk about football, the WIP hosts could not help but ask about his brother’s budding romance with the pop mega star.

When asked about the reaction from the public to her game appearance, Jason said the following:

“My reaction was exactly, this is exactly what I think is gonna happen. She’s gonna go to the game, and the whole world’s gonna lose their God damn mind. That’s exactly what I thought was gonna happen… 7:30 in the morning, I’m happy that WIP got the pub for it, but I was just trying to be sarcastic.

But it ended up she went to the game this week. So it was fun watching the whole world take it in, to be honest with you.”

He added that he’s gonna get the full recap from mom and Travis:

“I’m more focused on talking to Trav and Mom after the game and seeing how everything went, and hopefully, everything went smoothly for her… I saw videos of the brigade that the Chiefs had to put outside the suite that she was in – you just hope that somebody of her level and stature can enjoy the game.

And it certainly, I mean, seemed like she was enjoying it from all accounts and everybody I talked to, so you’re kind of just hoping that, you know, she had a good time, and you’re asking questions about her to your mom and whatnot. So it was, it was fun.

I’m happy that it finally happened out in the public side, so I can hopefully stop being asked questions about it.”

Jason then talks about how he still isn’t sure where his brother stands with Swift, as they have mentioned to the public they are “seeing where things go.”

While everyone wants the inside scoop on where the could-be couple stands, it seems that Travis is keeping this close to his chest, not even confiding in his brother where he hopes it goes.

“I wish I could tell you… I have gotten no inclination from Travis as to what his batting percentage has been or anything like that.”

The hosts finally ask Jason if they think he is taking it slow, trying to swoon Swift, or jumping all in, putting all of his cards in her basket. Jason comes back with an answer that will make all Travis Kelce fans fall in love with him even more.

“I would say with this one, it definitely seems like he is going above and beyond to be a gentleman. I think that he can probably handle both of those gears when necessary.” 

While almost every relationship Swift enters gains significant press, this coupling seems to be blowing any of her past flings out of the water. The joining of Swifites with NFL football fans has created a media sandstorm, and consumers cannot get enough.

I know I am fully invested in where this goes, and I am sure many others can say the same.

Listen to the full interview here.

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