Christian McCaffrey Juking Mascots As A Kid Proves He Was Destined To Become An NFL Great


Sometimes people are just born with natural talent, and it appears that San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McAffrey is one of those people.

Before CMC was carving up defenses in the NFL, he was making a name for himself at Stanford University. But if you think the earliest highlight reels would come from his college playing days, or even his high school days, you would be wrong.

If you aren’t familiar with Christian McAffrey, all you need to know is that he’s one of the most dynamic football players to ever take the field. He can run, he can catch, he can throw, and he’s an unprecedented touchdown machine.

Believe it or not, CMC has scored a “tuddy” in twelve straight games dating back to last year, which has certainly helped out some degenerate gamblers.

He seems like the perfect fit in the San Francisco 49ers offense, but he was a special player in Carolina for the Panthers as well, so he might just be great anywhere you put him.

The guy has basically been scoring touchdowns his entire life, and we now have video evidence that’s the case. This clip of him carving up a defense of mascots out on the football field when he was younger gives a glimpse of that special talent he has possessed throughout his career.

McCaffrey jukes out the first defender, then gets to the outside and never looks back (just like he does to the world’s greatest athletes now). Once he crosses the goal line, he showcases his star power by pulling off a pretty intricate touchdown celebration.

He’s lucky he didn’t get called for excessive celebration (remember when that was a thing?) as he reaches into his sock, pulls out a sharpie, and signs the football before throwing it into the stands. There’s no telling how much that ball would be worth if someone happened to hold onto it for all of these years…

Take a look:

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