Rutting Bison Sends Rival Bull Screeching Across The Road At Yellowstone National Park

Bison Rut

Somewhere in the world this very second, two enormous creatures are squared up in a battle for supremacy.

Nature is a never ending push and pull for resources, land, and of course, mating rights, and perhaps nothing better exemplifies this behavior than the annual bison rut in Yellowstone National Park.

From late July to through August, massive bulls lock horns to prove themselves worth of the nearby females, hoping to come out on top and get the rights to mate and pass their genes down. It’s a process as old as the world itself but that doesn’t make witnessing the behavior any less incredible.

While most of these fights happen a long ways off from human eyes, every now and again visitors to America’s premier national park are treated to an up close look at these fights, one of which we get to see in this video.

Right from the jump, I’ll say the cameraman could have done a much better job here, but regardless this is one of the most aggressive bison fights I’ve ever seen. None of the light sparring action that sometimes gets our attention, but a real life fight for life where the victor wasn’t happy with just running the other guy off; he was out for blood.

The altercation starts 50 feet or so off the road but things quickly escalate when one starts running the other sideways straight towards where the camera man parked his motorcycle. Naturally he get’s pretty nervous about it and hits us with a sad, but pretty funny line.

“Oh, stay away from my bike. Oh, get away from my bike. Ahh, he’s gonna take out my bike. Ahh son of a b*tch.” 

I want to fault the guy for dropping the camera lens there, but if my vehicle was about to get rammed by 4,000 pounds of testosterone fueled rage, I’d probably do the same thing.

Regardless, the remainder of the fight continues to be incredible, with the aggressor running his rival clear across the road, hooves screeching and all, until they reach the other side, where the battle continues in a large cloud of dust.

As the man’s heartrate goes back to a normal level, the loser buffalo drops his head and recrosses the road in defeat.

A sight few get to see but many want to, although these people should not have been this close… Almost got tossed into a tree like this visitor did

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