Drunk Man Arrested In West Virginia For Falsely Reporting Bear Attack So Police Would Give Him A Ride Out Of The Woods

Christian Leonhardt mugshot
Kanawha County Sheriff's Office

So that’s what Kane Brown’s been up to lately…

Ok, so it wasn’t Kane Brown this time. But an Ohio man was arrested in West Virginia recently after getting lost in the woods – and coming up with a creative solution to get somebody to come to his recuse.

According to a complaint filed in Kanawha County Magistrate Court, 46-year old Christian Leonhardt was riding side-by-sides with his friends when Leonhardt got separated from the group and apparently couldn’t find his way out of the woods.

Leonhardt first called and allegedly reported that he had wrecked his side-by-side in the mountains and had been injured, at which time the local fire departments set out to find the stranded rider.

It was too foggy at the time to rescue Leonhardt by helicopter, so first responders set out on side-by-sides and trucks from both sides of the mountain in an attempt to reach him. But while they were searching, Leonhardt once again called 911 – and this time, he said he was being stalked and attacked by bears.

Dispatchers reportedly heard Leonhardt crying for help while saying that he’d been attacked by a bear, and told them that he’d been walking for days in the woods as the bears circled him.

They were ultimately able to ping Leonhardt’s phone to get his location, and in the meantime rescuers activated their lights and sirens to scare away the attacking bears.

But when first responders ultimately found the stranded man just after 5 AM, he wasn’t bleeding and didn’t have any visible injuries – which you would probably expect to see on somebody who had just been attacked by a bear.

Leonhardt denied medical treatment, and ultimately told first responders that he “just wanted a ride out of the woods.” He also claimed that he was extremely intoxicated and apologized for wasting their time, saying that he “had to get out of the woods.”

Well as amusing as the whole situation sounds now, turns out it was pretty costly to send out all those resources searching for the victim of a bear attack when it was really just some drunk guy lost in the woods. So police ultimately charged Leonhardt with falsely reporting an emergency incident, and he’s currently being held at on a $2,500 bond.

I mean, did he think they wouldn’t come find him if he just told them he was lost? Why make up the story of a bear attack?

At least Kane Brown was honest when he got lost in the woods on his own property…

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